Windows 10

Flagship product launch website and CRM program

Relaunching the World's OS

The relaunch of Windows OS 10 required a redesigned online presence and CRM program to align with the significant advancements represented by the new OS.

The primary business goal was to design a new presence, accommodating the demanding requirements for a responsive, localized platform with rapid turnaround times and schedules demanded by the release-year marketing cycle.


Stakeholder AlignmentIntegrating business needs with practical processes across multiple teams involved several key steps:

  • Setting business KPIs and test goals
  • Measuring outcomes and optimizing strategies
  • Creating a continuous improvement loop

The process required integrating several touchpoints across multiple systems and partners: Pointmarc focused on data metrics, Fell Swoop (design) handled strategy and design, and Windows (client) worked with HCL (the implementer) for execution ➀. Strong testing, with Pointmarc providing quantitative answers, guided the process.

Effective communication was essential for advancing deliverables among partners ➀ responsible for localization across 60 languages, template prototyping, usability testing, page development, and QA.

Daily remote client standup and weekly onsite client standup ensured a seamless workflow and high-quality outcomes at each stage.

➀ Engagement cycle, structure and production methodology

Building a Repeatable ProcessThe creative process involved analyzing the client brief, identifying target audiences, and establishing objectives. After framing the campaign for web delivery, proposing designs, developing prototypes, and recommending solutions ➁➂, the final product was designed, tested, coded, and released.

On the production side, content was organized, and stacking rules were established for the responsive experience ➁. Validation with clients and users ensured alignment and efficient resolution of the creative approach.

➁ Campaign framing, wireframing, page responsive module stacking, prototype testing
➂ Page component wireframe and design

Design, Code, Test, Deliver, RepeatThe constantly evolving homepage accommodated demands like Back-to-School and Holiday Device campaigns by leveraging Microsoft's MWF visual design system adapted for the Windows brand. ➃➄➅

The CRM program ➆ mirrored the web-based efforts, utilizing the same assets and localization processes. For each program promoted on the website, a corresponding email was simultaneously sent out.

➃ Final design delivery 1
➄ Final design delivery 2
➅ Final design delivery 3 (responsive layouts)
➆ Final design delivery 4 (CRM Campaings)

TakeawaysThe design delivered across multiple campaigns and proved to be a well designed, executed and ran improvement.

Working diligently to set up an alignment and communication repeatable process at start, gave us the the framework needed to deliver tested, quality work, on time, every time.


Traffic Increase

Improved design and rapid deployment cycle for promotions resulted in significantly increased engagement and site traffic.

Launch month site stats:
Total Site Visits: 332M
Repeat Visits: 25M
CRM Sends: 160M

Launch month was the highest traffic day recorded on the site.*

* Stats provided by Pointmarc

Increased Conversion

Devices site sales stats:
Post launch month revenue up 370% compared to the same period pre-launch month.*

* Stats provided by Pointmarc

Project Delivery

Successful implementation of the production cycle resulted in multiple repeat engagements for the launch year.